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Strobel 443-2

Strobel 443-2
With this sturdy overseaming machine, insoles are sewn on to the uppers. In relation to the conventional lasting method,
the Strobel-method saves quite a lot of material. With this machine leathers or textiles up to a thickness of 7 mm can be
sewn. This machine is equipped with a stepmotor for differential feed, to realize up to a maximum of 50% gathering.
This scan result in less rejected shoes compared to conventional “ STROBELING” machines. You can store 100 programs,
50 right/ 50 left shoes, with up to 10 sections of gathering in each program. The required precentage of gathering can
be programmed in each section. Programs are saved in pairs. Program the right shoe, the left is automatically saved. The
program mode allows you to work in pairs or individually left or right shoes.
A run-in lubrication with solid lubricant paste with a particularly low coefficient of friction is used. Meaning, lowest friction
with highest load capacity. The optional pneumatic gathering device can be used to achieve optimal gathering results
(depending on the material). It is also possible to manually control the stepmotor for gathering by using the foot pedal.